How to Make the Guide for Your Greatest Study Week Ever

Have you ever been a victim of your poor study habits?…..  Of Course you have!

Need some assistance? You need someone to grab hold of the reigns that is the carriage of your life and guide you towards sanity. We have the greatest guide for you so one day you yourself can take command of your bad habits.

Need Balance In Your Schoolwork and Life?

We can help lead you to success day by day, helping give you the tools to tackle your week and still enjoy yourself.



This is the first day to your school week so start off strong!Greatest - study - guide

  • Review what you need to accomplish during your week
  • Set aside time start studying while you’re still motivated for the week



Keep the flow going, you’re ahead of the game!

  • After classes, take a brief break to get your head back in the zone
  • Plan a time to start your work before you get too lazy



It’s officially humpday! The middle of the week is usually the toughestGreatest Study Guide

  • Stay focused & on top of your school work
  • Don’t let the upcoming weekend throw off homework antics- make sure you set time aside for homework



One more day till Friday, Don’t get too excited

  • Plan ahead for Fridays easy day- get as much done as you can
  • After kicking off your shoes and taking a much needed break, get back to it and work on Monday’s assignments



TGIF? More like TGIF (Thank god I’m focused)greatest study guide ever

  • It’s the start of the weekend, but don’t let that fool you!
  • Ask yourself:
    • Have I done enoughwork?
    • Are there any assignment high on the priority list
    • Whats due early next week? (Monday,Tuesday..)
    • Genuinely self evaluate; Do I feel stressed or anxious stillthat I haven’t done enough work this week


 Sunday Funday? Of course!

  • Give yourself a little time to decompress, go for a walk or grab a bite to eat with a friend
  • Make sure you have a little time set aside in the afternoon/evening  if you have work to do for Monday
  • Most of all, make sure to go out and have a little fun!


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